Environmental mission


Colle S.p.A. has always applied this eco-friendly manufacturing philosophy as part of the company’s whole supply chain.

Mankind and the environment are inextricably connected to each other. Our production preserves makind’s central role and therefore brings the protection of the environment to the fore.

With manufacturing innovation we can apply eco-compatible procedures across the board: in our production process, in the use of raw materials and for our workers.

With a highly automated supply chain, Colle S.p.A. can halve energy consumption at the production stage, and the consumption of extracted raw materials, thereby promoting the use of eco-friendly materials and renewable sources.

Our voluntary OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) accreditation strongly motivated our staff in terms of safety, health and well-being at the workplace.

The products made by Colle machines are highly resistant to physical, chemical and biological action, are durable and waterproof to external water and leakage of internal liquids, which means they are suitable for an eco-compatible setting.

The eco-sustainable philosophy of Colle S.p.A. is designed to leave future generations the same quality and amount of environmental resources available to current generations.